We look forward to you joining us for Central Valley Facilities Expo, hosted on July 15 and 16, 2020, in an online format. Educational conference sessions will be made available during the event in an on-demand format, videos can be watched on your own time, no requirement to dial-in or be on at a specific time.

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The Importance of an Emergency Preparedness Plan in a COVID-19 World


Presenter: Addie Hosier, OSHA Training Institute Education Center| Chabot-Las Positas Community College District


This presentation will discuss important considerations for facilities professional when faced with outbreaks of infectious diseases and other threats that can negatively affect business continuity. Key take-aways will include a discussion of lessons learned from COVID-19, and the reality of the hazards and risks associated with a pandemic.  Included will be OSHA’s guidance for developing/updating an emergency preparedness plan.


Supervisory Practices for Improved Organizational Effectiveness


Presenters: Jason Wolins, Chair, and Ray Call, Adjunct Instructor, Business Department, Humphreys University


This session will focus on supervisory practices that lead to greater organizational effectiveness. Topics will include how to develop clear expectations that inspire improved effectiveness and reduce employee misbehavior in the workplace, and how to avoid being a toxic boss.


The Forgotten Aspect of Fall Protection –The Silent Killer and Disabler


Presenter: Andy Bull, President, C.H. Bull Co.


Many, when they hear or see a class on fall protection, they might think “I work in an office – I don’t need fall protection!” The vision comes to their mind of themselves sitting at a desk with a fall protection harness on and a lanyard attached to a desk handle drawer. That is ridiculous! We do a pretty good job when it comes to fall protection from heights but what about falls on the same level? That is, the slips and trips happening on the same level in an office or at a job site, which cause over 240,000 lost time or disabling injuries or fatal injuries. Hear the speaker’s personal story of a fall that happened to him at last year’s facilities show that caused him to be off work for 8+ months.


Tree 101 - The Basics of Tree Management on Your Facility’s Grounds


Presenter: Sarah Gaskin, ISA Certified Arborist and Consulting Arborist, A Plus Tree Inc.


Facilities engineers are experts at maintenance of their buildings and equipment, but may not always understand the maintenance needs of trees, especially in this new era of performing “essential” work. In this session attendees will learn the basics of trees on their sites: what “essential” tree care is, root pruning and how renovations and construction can affect trees, signs of a tree in a dangerous condition, and more. Also, learn about the latest technology to easily and effectively inventory and manage large tree populations across multiple properties.

Modern Video Security for Facilities – Types and Applications


Presenter: David Gerths, Verkada


This session will describe different types of video surveillance for facilities –  NVRs/DVRs, cloud, and hybrid cloud. Find out what the pros and cons are of each system's architecture to determine the best fit to keep your building(s) safe and secure.

Air Systems Today and Tomorrow – How to Optimize Efficiency When Bringing Facilities Back Online


Presenter: Jim Donohue, Atlas Copco Compressors LLC


Shutting down your air supply or starting it up after an idle period? This presentation will provide valuable tips concerning the impact that varying production levels has on your compressed air system. Learn what you need to know to optimize efficiency and maintenance.


Commercial/Industrial Lighting Update in Title 24’s Energy Code


Presenter: Charles Knuffke, Systems Vice President, Wattstopper/Legrand Building Control Systems Division


Learn about updates to the non-residential lighting sections of the California Title 24 Energy Code, which became effective in January of this year. Included will be information on mandatory lighting requirements, new power density allowances and revised interior alteration requirements.


Electric Vehicle Charging 101


Presenter: Ryan Zulewski, Juice Bar EV


This presentation will describe the basics of electric vehicle charging at commercial facilities. Learn about types of chargers, requirements, current demand, best practices, and the future of the EV industry. Whether you are aiming to future-proof your property for the continuing influx of electric vehicles, or just need to accommodate the EVs currently on your site, this presentation will provide you with valuable information.

PLCs and Automation for Facilities – an Introduction


Presenter: Robert Juskalian, Energy Efficiency/Conservation Senior Specialist, Southern California Edison – Energy Education Center


This session will describe how programmable logic controllers (PLCs) fit into automation for today’s buildings and facilities. Included will be a detailed look at what a PLC is, and an examination of the other components of an automation system. Find out ways PLCs and automation can be used to lower costs, reduce labor, and improve operational efficiency at your site. Also discussed will be the future direction of building automation.

Disinfection Recommendations for Buildings in Today’s Pandemic Situation – Questions and Answers


Presenter: Wayne Whitzell, Executive VP of Corporate Services | DFS Green | IFMA 2018 International Distinguished Member of the Year


In this session, presented in a question-and-answer format, the speaker addresses common concerns facilities engineers have about building cleaning and disinfection during today’s COVID-19 pandemic situation. He will address the topics of coatings and disinfectants, disinfection frequency, successful disinfection, and which method is best for a building application.

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