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Thank you for your commitment to make the Virtual Central Valley Facilities Expo a success. Our development team is working hard to develop the site and we are ready to start providing them information for your virtual booth. As an exhibitor, you are welcome to provide your logo, videos, photos, links to your site, special offers and contact information. If you do not provide all the information, we will be using details from your show guide description and work with you to complete your page. To develop the site quickly, please provide as much information as soon as possible, you can always come back to the form to submit additional information. If you’d prefer to email your information or files, please send to JFuller@FacilitiesExpo.com.

Details to completing the form:

  1. Your Name/Email Address: Provide your name or the name of the person we should contact with questions regarding your virtual booth.

  2. Contact Name/Email Address/Phone Number/Fax Number: Provide the contact information for who should be listed on the virtual booth. This is the information attendees will see and use to contact.

  3. Company Description: Provide information regarding your company. If you do not provide a company description, we will use the information originally collected for the show guide.

  4. Special Offers/Promotions/Contests: Provide exclusive show promotions and/or giveaways available to attendees. These will be listed in your virtual booth as well as on the show specials page. These offers may also be highlighted in a pre-show marketing blast to help drive traffic to your booth.

  5. Upload Videos/Photos: Your page will have a header image or video, please provide the image/video you’d like to highlight. You can also provide additional videos or photos for your page.

  6. Text/Site Links for Buttons: Your virtual booth allows for up to six additional links, we recommend for visual purposes you provide three or six links. You are welcome to provide links to anything you would like, some suggestions include Products and/or Services, Whitepapers, Photo Gallery, Blog, Get a Quote, E-book, Website, etc. If links are not provided, we will review your website and work with you to pull appropriate links.

  7. Product Categories: Please select up to three (3) product categories to have your virtual booth listed under. Please note: some categories may be combined, removed or re-named depending on the number of exhibitors included in that category.

  8. Social Media: Provide links to your main social media pages, during the event, use your social media accounts to connect with attendees and promote the event.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact JFuller@FacilitiesExpo.com or LNagle@FacilitiesExpo.com.

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